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As You Have Visited & Exploring Our Website Right Now, It Means That You Are Either An Professional Trader or Novice/Beginner Trader In Stock Market. Professional Traders Are Already In The Market For A Long Period & Are Well Accustomed of Trading Charts, Signals, Analysis Tools, Softwares & Strategies Needed For Share Trading. Many Companies Generally Provide These Kind of Buy Sell Signal Software Around The Globe. You Might Have Subscribed Signal Softwares (May Be More Than 1), But Have Not Got Great Results Yet. There Are Many Customers We Have, Who Initially Show Grievance Regarding Buy Sell Signal Softwares Because Before Visiting Our Website, He/She Had Already Purchased Other Vendor's Buy Sell Signal Software & His/Her Purpose Was Not Fulfilled As Committed By The Vendor. Each & Every Company's Chart Prediction Level & Quality Differs. If You Search In Google For Term "Buy Sell Signal Software", You Can Get List of Plenty of Companies Providing Such Softwares Starting From 3500 INR Approx To 30,000 INR. Many of Them Might Be Sometimes Worthy Also, But Kindly Do Not Judge Every Company's Product By The Performance You Experienced From Any Other Company's Product You Already Purchased.

Please Kindly Do Not Think That We Are Blaming & Underestimating Other Company's Product & Trying To Promote Our Product. It Is Absolutely Not. We Are Just Trying To Exhibit The Real Scenarios Which We Face When Any Trader First Time Contact Us Regrading Our Product. There Are Many Companies Who Does Provide Good Quality Charting Softwares At Really Affordable Standard Prices (Not Too Low As 1000 INR or Too Expensive As 30,000 INR), But Traders Get Confused & Ultimately Pay For The Most Expensive, Worthless & Inefficient Product. One of The First & Foremost Thing In This Market Is That, Not A Single Company Can Provide You Any Software Which Can Deliver 100% Performance. If You Have This Mentality, Then You Have Visited A Wrong Place. Stock Market Is Volatile & Inconsistent. However Our Motto Is To Provide You The Utmost Refined Product By Means of Which You Can Atleast Be Able To Work Out In The Signals Using Your Minimal Trading Knowledge.

Many Professional Traders When Trying To Find Out Some More Accurate Buy Sell Signal Software In Google & Reaches Our Website, He/She Might Think That "Oo.....This Company Is Also Providing The Same AmiBroker & MetaTrader Compatible Buy Sell Software Like Other Companies" Which He/She Already Tried Before & Got Fed Up. Yes We Do Provide Buy Sell Software, But Unlike Other Companies We Would Not Assure & Commit You That "We Can Make You Richer Overnight If You Use Our Software". You Might Have Gone Through Many Strategies, But Try Our Product Once. Before Having Mentality of Purchase, You Can Watch Our Live Demonstration or Else You Can Take 2 Days Free Trial & After That If You Feels That It Can Be Appropriate For Your Purpose, Then Only Purchase Our Product. We Provide A Complete Training of Our Product You Purchase, Tutorial Softcopy & Continued Support As Long As You Use. Join With Us Once & Give Us An Opportunity So That We Can Help You To Provide Guidance...

If You Are An AmiBroker Chart Signals Observer, Then AmiPro Is Appropriate For You. One Time Price Is 6000 INR.

If You Are An MetaTrader Chart Signals Observer, Then ForexPro Is Appropriate For You. One Time Price Is 6000 INR

If You Are Fedup Using Buy Sell Signal Softwares & Do Not Want To Observe Chart Signals Using Softwares & Simply Want To Get Only The Best Signals Generated Throughout The Day, Then Feeder Is Appropriate For You. Monthly Charge of 2500 INR.

Our All Products Does Not Offer Any Limitations or Restrictions For Any User. They Can Be Used By Any Trader Belonging From Any Country. News Feeder Is Only Applicable For Indian Stock Traders, Not For Other Countries.

ALS Team

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Get New Edge Advanced Live Scanner, Buy Sell Indicators, Buy Sell Arrow Scalper, Automatic Sound Alert & Exit Point Re-Entry Point Facility For AmiBroker & MetaTrader(MT4) Charting Platform. Join Our Reseller Program & Referral Program To Earn A Descent Income For Yourself. Explore Our Wide Range of Trading Related Products & Choose The Appropriate ALS Pro Version Software For Yourself That Better Suits Your Trading Strategies & Charting Platform i.e AmiBroker or MetaTrader For Trading In Your Terminal.

Our Products

AMIPro: 6000 INR (One Time)

Best Automatic Buy Sell Signal Software For AmiBroker Charting Platform Intraday & Positional Indian Stock Market Traders.
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ForexPro: 6000 INR (One Time)

Best Automatic MetaTrader Buy Sell Indicator Software With Arrow Scalper For Forex-Comex Stock Market Traders.
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Feeder : 2500 INR (Monthly)

Get Daily News & Updates For NSE Stocks. Designed To Be Used For Desktop, Laptops, Tablets & Mobile Users.
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